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Cendana Salon dan SpaCendana Salon dan SpaCendana Salon dan SpaCendana Salon dan SpaCendana Salon dan Spa

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Promo Package Cendana Salon and Spa: IDR.20,000 Package (Cream Bath + Massage + Blow scrub hands). 30,000 Package (Hair Spa + facial + full-blooded face mask). IDR.45.000 Package (full body scrub + massage + acupressure facial hair msker). Rebonding all sizes: Rp.74.999, short hair shine: Rp.29.999, Body Scrub + Body Massage Rp.24.999 body, Massage Cream Bath + hand back Rp.11.999, All the above promo Effective from August until on October 2014Cendana salon and spa serving facials, and body hair for men and women. We also serve pre wedding treatments and body care after giving birth in order to stay slim. we also provide discount and promo package each month. The price we have to offer is very affordable, for creambath starts from 10,000 IDR, and during the soft opening we give discount 50% for spa.

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Jl. Gambiran No.200 Umbulharjo - Yogyakarta

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